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The phrase "famous overnight" shouldn't be taken too literally. Even in times of the Internet and digital worldwide connections, it is not possible to become famous overnight. But it often appears that way because many media such as magazines, TV, etc. then pounce on certain newcomers and support the hype.
Famous overnight, there are a few examples. Most are from America, however. There is, for example, a father who films his two daughters and himself every day and then puts them online. There you can see, from breakfast in the morning to the rest of the night. In between, of course, everything that happens during the day. Or there is the little boy who likes to imitate Lady Gaga and who puts these films on the net. These people have all been shown on television, for example.
Dominic Albrecht
"Famous overnight" is actually just a phrase for someone who has achieved greater or lesser fame within a very short period of time, without it being foreseeable. Something like this would apply to people like Daniela Katzenberger. But again, all the young stars from Deutschland sucht den Superstar have achieved fame within hours, which, however, will most likely decline again just as quickly.