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No money for food: get groceries for free

No money for food? Are you looking for free food? What now? At FiFi Finance we have put together a few tips that will show you how to get food without money. There is no reason to starve if you have no money. But on the contrary. You can ask for food and you can look for food. If you followed some of these tips, you could actually have tastier food than if you bought your food.

When it comes to free food, there are a few approaches:

  • Questions: Make use of the abundance of food, it requires social interaction
  • Find it: in nature or in garbage containers
  • Growing: the most sustainable way


Grow your own food

When you're broke, the best way to get food is to grow food. If you live in the country and there is plenty of land, all you need to do is get the seeds. There are many seed exchange communities where gardeners meet to exchange seeds. There are likely numerous people willing to help and trade you when you run out of seeds yourself. If you live in the city, guerrilla horticulture can be an interesting alternative to maintaining your own acreage.

Hunger in the world

More than 800 million people worldwide are starving. Most live in developing countries in Asia and Africa. A quarter of the hungry people worldwide live on the black continent alone. Although the numbers have fallen by almost 300 million hungry people since 1990, hunger is the greatest health risk for people in many regions of the world, ahead of infectious diseases such as HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

Against the background that in Germany alone 11 million tons of food are thrown away every year, the number of starving people is staggering. The amount of food thrown away would fill nearly 275,000 trucks. The financial extent of the household money wasted is also frightening. With a family of four, the food thrown away adds up to an average of 940 euros per year. According to the World Food Program, it would only cost 20 cents a day to provide a child with all the nutrients and vitamins. When you consider that up to 17 million malnourished children are born worldwide each year, the scale is staggering.

Ask for free food

You don't always need money to eat. You can just as easily ask for food. You can do this with restaurants, market workers, stores, or people you know. It is always important that you explain why you need food: for example, because you have no money to eat. It is not easy to do at first, but it is definitely not impossible. In Portugal and also in Germany there are even organizations that accept leftover food from restaurants and distribute it among poor people:

Ask at a restaurant

You might think it takes some effort to ask for food, but practice makes perfect! Be patient and things will work out for good. Some restaurants even provide you with a table to sit on and put your food on it, right there, for free, if you don't have any money. How does this work? You enter and wait for someone to come up to you. You explain to the person that you have no money. They ask if they have anything left in the kitchen. It is good to have an empty box with you to transport the food in.

Ask on a market

You can also ask around in markets. It is best to go when the store closes. Explain that you have no money and ask, “Maybe you have something that you can no longer sell?” There is a ten-to-one chance that the person will give you some lettuce or apples. If not, thank the person anyway and ask at the next booth. Until you have enough for yourself.

Supermarkets in the area

You can do the same at supermarkets. It doesn't work so well with large stores. Employees will almost always say, “My manager won't allow me to do this.” And you will never be able to speak to that manager. Small supermarkets are much more flexible. Look for local supermarkets and classic corner shops. Immigrant-run stores in large cities are usually open to giving - especially Muslim-run stores.

Ask a farmer

There is always food to be found with a farmer. Not everything a farmer grows will end up in stores. A lot remains in the fields. You can ask the farmer if he'll allow you to pick up these slow-moving goods. You are sure to find a lot.

Ask at community gardens

In many villages there is a piece of land where people can have a parcel in a community garden. They share what they reap. Ask them! They might even want to teach you how to grow your own food. This way you always eat without paying a dime for it and more importantly: you get less dependent on the economy.

To earn more money?

If asking around in the garbage bins and in shops and restaurants are not the right options for you, you can also try to earn (more) money.

Earn money part-time

A part-time job is a great way to top up your income and top up your household budget. In Germany, lawmakers allow you to earn up to 450 euros a month in a part-time job. The income is tax-free and anyone who does not want to pay any of this additional income into the pension fund can be exempt from this obligation. There are opportunities for secondary employment in different areas. Walk through the shopping miles with your eyes open. Many retail stores are looking for temporary workers on a EUR 450 basis. In addition, jobs are offered as cleaning staff, as temporary workers at petrol stations or as newspaper deliverers.

Earn legal money quickly

You can earn money quickly and legally in various industries and areas. As a rule, they are not riches, but the additional income is usually sufficient to relieve the monthly household budget. In regions that are heavily frequented by tourism, seasonal temporary workers are often sought in the catering industry. Restaurants either hang a notice in the pub or publish the request on their homepage. Direct inquiries from the restaurant operator can also quickly lead to success. There are several ways to make money quickly and legally on the Internet. You can make an income on your own website with banner ads or you can create your own affiliate page. Creative people can also make money as copywriters. You can offer services against payment on various websites. This can be manual work, a job as a babysitter or cleaning work.

Get free food online

Some people offer free food on websites. There are new initiatives like that allow people to offer their leftover food.

Free samples and coupons

There are many companies in the United States and Germany that send out free samples of new products. You can also use this route to get free food.
Another way is free coupons. You can request the coupons online, they will be sent to your home, and then you can use these coupons to get food in stores or restaurants.

Look for food

Free food grows on trees, underground and in bushes. Dandelion, chickweed, and wood sorrel can be very tasty and easy to find. If you exercise a little, you'll know what you can eat and, more importantly, what you can't. Even in cities, you can find plenty of edible food. You are particularly lucky if you are near downtown Seattle as you will have the opportunity to visit the first food forest in a major US city.


You can also find good food in large dumpsters, for example in shops. It's called "containers" and a lot of people do it. It may sound strange, but it's even stranger that almost half of the food produced ends up as trash. Turning some of this into a dish doesn't seem so strange anymore. Take a look at the Trashwiki for great tips and places about how to containerize, Trashwiki was started in 2008 by some of the same people who worked for work.

On appointment: save money

Saving money in everyday life is the best solution to always have enough money for food in the future. Here are some comparison calculators you can use to start saving money quickly and easily:

No money or consciously without money?

You might be ashamed of not having money. But you can also accept this fact and benefit from it. Most importantly, if you have no money, there is no reason to be ashamed. Just because everyone around you has money to eat doesn't mean you are worth less than them or that you need to be concerned about what others think of you. These are paradoxes created by society. You don't need to hold on to these. Especially when you're broke.

Don't be picky about what you get

With money, you can usually choose what to eat. Without money, you won't have that choice most of the time. It is better to be satisfied with what you find or receive. Are you used to eating meat? Finding or obtaining meat is a little more difficult. Are you a vegetarian and inquire at a restaurant? Then it's better to leave it at that; You eat what they give you. You are now “freegan”, that is, you eat whatever may be “free”.

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