Which city has the best music scene

The most sung cities in the world

Methodology and data collection

The data was collected by Holidu (www.holidu.de) in cooperation with Musixmatch (www.musixmatch.com), the world's largest platform for song lyrics. We searched for lyrics about cities by different artists. The total number of all songs was determined that either have the name of a city in the title or have it in the lyrics. To avoid multiple counts - e.g. B. Frank Sinatra with "New York, New York" - duplications within a song and also different versions of the same artist were excluded. If the same song was released as a remix by the same artist, this was counted as a mention. Cities in the following countries were researched and taken into account in their respective national languages: Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, USA, United Kingdom. Holidu has researched the most important cities in the following countries and in the respective national languages: Germany - German; France French; Spain - Spanish; Italy Italian; Portugal - Portuguese; Brazil - Portuguese; US - English; United Kingdom - English. In addition, the most important cities as well as the cities from the first data collection were translated into songs with over 1,000 mentions in the most important national languages ​​English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The results were summed up to take local peculiarities into account (e.g. "Rome, Rome, Roma")