Death Eaters were glad Voldemort had returned

When did Voldemort lift the taboo spell?

I don't think the taboo was off. My case for the taboo spell that is still active is the following.

  • The taboo spell is used to identify the place where someone said a certain word
  • The taboo spell didn't necessarily identify who the speaker was. Nothing specifically mentioned this. The arriving Death Eaters said nothing, which suggested they knew who the person was before arriving.
  • The use of the word was almost certainly aimed at notifying the Death Eaters instead of Voldemort himself. He is unlikely to personally track down every person who speaks his name. He never showed up and it seems unlikely that people would show up this quickly if Voldemort had to instruct people to search an area.
  • While Ron mentioned the taboo might break some protections, it was unable to break the Fidelius charm at 12 Grimmauld Place.
  • You can't Apparate at Hogwarts. The Death Eaters did not Apparate into the castle after the name was used. So the taboo spell was no stronger than Hogwarts protection.
  • Hogwarts had at least 3 Death Eaters on the staff (Snape and both Carrows) and probably close by.
    • If a student at Hogwarts spoke the name 'Voldemort', one would expect the Death Eaters in the residence to solve the problem, as the taboo did not seem strong enough to break the anti-apparition spells.

When Harry and / or other people used the name when he arrived at Hogwarts, he surely could / should have notified the people in charge of overseeing the spell. But once he got there, he was followed by a lot of support pretty quickly.

Once the fight started it really wouldn't have made much difference if he had said the name. All of the Death Eaters were there or on their way to join the battle. Saying the name again certainly wouldn't make people try to show up any faster.

At best, the name could reveal the specific location of Harry at that particular point in time that he said the name, but since everyone was prevented from Apparating, that wouldn't really help the Death Eaters much as they would have to fight their way to this one Place.

Given the facts and guesses, the taboo spell didn't need to be turned off to explain a lack of immediate response related to the use of Voldemort's name after Harry returned to Hogwarts.


+1 - Really good answer! I am glad you decided to give your answer. It's interesting and a good read. :) :)


Did Harry even say the name after they were taken to Malfoy Manor? I know he called him Riddle in the last confrontation, and Voldemort is outraged by that. But I didn't think he used the name after it triggered the taboo? However, I agree with your answer.