Will people ever stop sin?


Answer: The Lord Jesus forgave mankind of their sins, but that does not mean that man is sinless. This does not mean that man is no longer subject to his sinful nature or has even attained holiness. The Lord Jesus forgives people's sins. But what does “sin” really mean in this context? This refers to adultery, theft, etc., anything that violates laws, commandments, or God's words is sin. Any act that opposes, condemns, or condemns God is also sin. All blasphemy is sin, and a sin that cannot be forgiven! In the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus served as a sin offering for humanity. Only those who prayed to the Lord and repented were not sentenced to death. That is, God will no longer see you as a sinner. The person whose sins were forgiven could pray directly to the Lord and partake of His grace. That is the real meaning of the phrase "sins are forgiven". Although people's sins were forgiven through the Lord Jesus' sin offering, that does not mean that they stopped sinning and opposed God. The sinful nature of man persists so that they are still able to oppose God, betray Him, and make Him an enemy. How can such people be worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven? It is as Almighty God says: "A sinner like you who has just been redeemed and not changed or perfected by God, could you be after God's heart? As for you, who are still your old self, it is true that you were saved by Jesus and that you do not count as a sinner because of God's salvation, but that does not prove that you are not sinful or unclean. How can you be holy if you haven't been changed? Inwardly, you are plagued by impurity, selfish and mean, but you still wish to come down with Jesus - so lucky you should be! You missed a step in your belief in God: You have only just been redeemed, but have not changed. In order for you to be after God's heart, God must personally do the work of your walking and purifying; if you are only redeemed, you will not be able to attain holiness. So you will not be called to partake of God's good blessings, for you have missed a step in God's work of guiding man, the decisive step of change and perfection. And so you, a sinner who has just been redeemed, are unable to inherit God's inheritance directly.”(“ Regarding Names and Identities ”in“ The Word Appears in the Flesh ”) The Lord Jesus' work of redemption only forgave the sins of men; it has not removed their depraved nature. Man's inner arrogance, selfishness, greed, falsehood and many other aspects of his diabolical disposition remain. His corrupt disposition goes deeper than sin and is far more persistent. It is the source of our sin and our resistance to God. If these base, satanic tendencies are not removed, man will continue to sin, oppose God, and condemn and condemn Him according to his own ideas and concepts. When people suffer and are persecuted, they can deny God and even betray Him, like Judas. When they gain positions of power, they can found an independent kingdom that is contrary to God. Some people even steal offerings to God from believers or offend His disposition; they will be mercilessly condemned and destroyed by God. Today, most pastors and leaders in the religious community do not follow the words of the Lord Jesus. They interpret the Bible based on their own ideas. You treat the words of people in the Bible like the words of God. They glorify the words of the people instead of testifying to the words of the Lord Jesus. This moves believers to worship people, to follow people and to have no more room for the Lord Jesus in their hearts. These believers fall into a trap and come under the control of the domain of religious leaders. This is especially true when the Lord Jesus returns to do His work of judgment. These priests and leaders do not follow or study God's work. Instead, they condemn His work, condemn and blaspheme against Him. They invent lies to deceive believers and seal off their church. They publicly take God as an enemy and offend God's disposition. That is the most serious resistance to God of all. This is a sin that cannot be forgiven! Such evil acts are even more appalling than those of the Pharisees in opposition to the Lord Jesus! So if the corrupt nature of people who oppose God is not remedied, if their diabolical, corrupt disposition is not purified, they will be capable of any evil behavior in opposition to God. How can such people ever enter God's kingdom? Therefore, in accordance with His plan of governance for salvation and the present demands of corrupt mankind in the last days, God is expressing many different aspects of the truth and doing His work that fulfills the prophecy in the Bible - “Judgment must be in the house of God start". This is supposed to solve the main problem that corrupt humanity is controlled by their satanic nature. In this way, man will gradually free himself from his depraved satanic disposition, cease to rebel and oppose God, and become able to truly obey and worship God. Only in this way will people really be purified and be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

from the film script of "Painful Memories"

Back: Question 3: It is written: "There is nothing damnable about those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit." (Rom 8: 1) Since we believe in Christ Jesus, it is already guaranteed that we will not be judged and can come to the kingdom of heaven!

Next: Question 7: If we do not accept Almighty God's work of judgment, can we really do Heavenly Father's will? Will we then really be able to enter the kingdom of heaven?

Do you know it already? The Lord came in secret from the calamities long ago. Feel free to contact us now to find the way to welcome the Lord.

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