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The Questions Podcast: How Can I Make Quick Money With Internet Marketing Expertise?

Our gift to you: In the fifth Rockstars Podcast, Christoph Burseg and Philipp provide numerous ideas for your wealth

“Suppose you wake up in a strange world. All you have is a laptop, internet connection, 2,000 euros and your knowledge. What would you do in the next 90 days? ”This was one of the (unfortunately only a few questions) that we received from our reader Fabian Drescher for the first questions podcast. Philipp Westermeyer then brought in our old rock star buddy Christoph Burseg as reinforcement and provided numerous answers. How would the two of them try to make money quickly? What are other prominent online marketers saying? How do you get to some morally borderline coal? There are definitely some things that work. You can hear all the answers in the fifth Rockstars Podcast.

He would pick out all possible terms for which there is a relatively large search volume and produce stock photos for Fotolia & Co. That is one of the tips that Christoph Burseg got from his marketing environment. Philipp (Pip) Klöckner had given him the idea that such a photo was taken quickly and would stay in circulation. In this way, it is relatively easy to build up a long-term passive income. At Christmas time, for example, there is a picture of a Christmas tree that is likely to be in great demand, says Christoph.

Sex sells and many more ideas

But we don't want to be too contemplative, because Christoph Burseg also has a semi-legal idea: “Actually, my girlfriend said, I can't tell,” he says, only to come to the subject of “sex sells” shortly afterwards. "There are videos on Youtube with millions of views called 'Brazilian Waxing Tutorial' and there is a close-up showing how 'Brazilian Waxing' is done". According to Christoph, tutorials are allowed to do everything and are not deleted from YouTube, even bare skin is tolerated if it comes as a tutorial. The demand is huge and why not take advantage of this loophole? The great thing for you: Christoph is not allowed to pursue the idea for family-internal reasons, that's why he leaked it.

Christoph Burseg (left) and Philipp Westermeyer during the podcast recordings.

Christoph Burseg is one of the smartest online marketing makers we know. His areas of expertise have been SEO for a long time and, in the last few years, more and more YouTube. With Veescore he founded a YouTube analysis tool and, as an observer of the YouTube and SEO soldiers of fortune, is exactly the right man for the topic: "Earning a lot of money with little time and capital". “I thought a little bit about it and with the things that occurred to me, I just thought: Why don't you do it yourself?” He says. In addition to the ideas already described, he has collected a lot together with Philipp. Many tips can be implemented quickly by anyone in order to earn a few euros on the side.

Philipp and Christoph talked about these ideas

  • Who is this Christoph Burseg and what is he doing (from 02:00)?
  • What is behind the question: “Suppose you wake up in a strange world. All you have is a laptop, internet connection, 2,000 euros and your knowledge. What would you do in the next 90 days? ”(From 5:23)?
  • Philipp Klöckner's idea of ​​making money with stock photos and what the two think of it (from 06:20)
  • Dominik Wojcik would try Amazon affiliates. What options are there (from 08:25)?
  • The T-shirt trick: How clever guys passively earn money with Facebook targeting and shirt platforms (from 10:45 am)
  • Waxing videos on Youtube: Millions of views with sex content and why this is allowed (from 2:30 p.m.)
  • With these unclean tactics, marketers try to make quick money (from 4:00 p.m.)
  • How did it go with Philip's first website and what would he do differently today (from 21:35)?
  • A new price comparison portal - can a new player compete against Idealo & Co. (from 26:04)?
  • The traffic from recipe sites and videos is huge. Why is there still potential here (from 28:15)?
  • Youtube channel for Christmas carols: 20 million views in 30 days and how important SEO is on Youtube (from 30:15)
  • Christoph's New York story: viral success with an excitement video and why he quickly took it offline again (from 35:12)
  • Engagement on Facebook. Why is it so hard to get comments and shares (from 37:37)
  • Top 10 online marketing lone warriors and why Hans Entertainment might be one of them (from 41:15)

The new episode with Christoph Burseg is now available on Soundcloud, iTunes (if episode 5 is not yet visible, just subscribe) or via RSS feed. As always, we look forward to your feedback. And we will continue to collect your questions in order to have the best ones answered again in one of the next episodes with Philipp Westermeyer and an expert. Just tell us in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter. But now have fun listening to the Rockstars Podcast Volume 5!