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Content Marketing: Three Examples of a Successful Strategy


Customer content instead of online marketing

The trend is increasingly towards content marketing campaigns. That is why companies rely on target group-specific content instead of plain product advertising.


Instead of just presenting your own company on the Internet and drawing attention to your own products, the focus is now on the manufacturers' expertise. Successful content marketing promotes the seller more than a guide that offers the customer attractive solutions. Important for this strategy: The solutions presented should actually help in practice and thus offer the customer real added value. In this article we portray three companies that have successfully implemented creative content marketing strategies.

Examples from content marketing for do-it-yourselfers: Hornbach

The traditional building market Hornbach has succeeded in driving a noteworthy content marketing strategy. Examples can be found online on the company's website. In addition to the presentation of the range, the “Projects” category, under which the visitor is particularly prominent helpful information and Tips from different areas. Here you will come across a wide range of informative and good content that goes far beyond mere product praise and gives the customer such a thing real added value offers: Customers can be inspired, get to know useful tips and tricks or simply brush up on their knowledge of living and home improvement.

Here are some examples of the existing categories that were launched as a successful content marketing strategy suitable for the target group: "Smart Home", "Build a House", "Improve Living Quality", "Build Furniture", "Keep and Care for Pets" and "Wellness at Home" - to name just a few.

In numerous sub-categories, such as the examples “Setting up and maintaining an aquarium”, “Keeping terrarium animals”, “Keeping birds”, “Keeping dogs”, “Keeping cats” and “Keeping rodents and rabbits” from the “Keeping and caring for pets” category , not only will readers Inspirations provided, but above all instructions, guides, video instructions and interesting facts about the relevant topic.

Overall, the website not only offers the reader solutions for realizing their own projects through know-how, but also the corresponding equipment is just a mouse click away.

Another highlight of Hornbach's online content is the HORNBACH master forge. The corresponding videos are linked under the main topics in "Projects". Here you will find videos for "Garden", "Kitchen", "Bathroom & Sanitary", "Living", "Building" and "Furniture Making".

In detailed Video tutorials, combined with illustrated work steps for printing and suitable material and tool lists, experts from the various areas explain specific do-it-yourself projects step by step. The video tutorials show in an average of five to 20 minutes how to lay floor tiles, install a toilet or insulate a basement ceiling, for example.

The videos are not only integrated directly into the individual project areas on the Hornbach website, but can also be accessed via social media on Hornbach's YouTube channel. In the videos, the masters always work and explain on a real project and thus show concrete examples. In this way, the viewer can follow the tutorial well and later implement what they have seen in their own project. Hornbach products themselves are never in the foreground, but rather play a subordinate role according to the expert tips.

In addition to videos as a content marketing strategy, the company also relies on additional tips on its own website Step by step instructionsthat the user can conveniently download. The audience figures show that this concept is well received by customers. Many of the - currently 41 videos - have been viewed over 100,000 times, the most popular over 200,000 times.

The DIY store is leading by example because it has managed to develop a content marketing strategy with which it not only exudes competence and wins the trust of customers, but also generates a lot of traffic. You couldn't really ask for more from an online marketing campaign.

Examples of fashionistas and stylos: Schwarzkopf's content marketing strategy

Thanks to a well thought-out content marketing strategy, the Schwarzkopf brand has also succeeded in attracting customer interest through content than through classic advertising to awaken for their products. At first glance, the company website looks more like a magazine and provides information on all sorts of things in high-quality editorial texts Questions about hair - from hairstyle trends to styling tips to the right hair care.

The texts are well researched and informative: The information content of the content is in the foreground, but the company always offers readers concrete examples of suitable products. These However, product promotions are not intrusiveso that the information content of the content is to be seen as the primary intention.

If the user scrolls a little further down, he comes across the "Product Finder". Here the company's products are clearly listed in different categories. This makes it possible to select the relevant products in a targeted manner. With the help of filter functions, the product display can be highly individualized so that only suitable examples are shown.

In addition to the editorial content, the content marketing strategy is supported by various videos in which experts present instructions and tips to viewers or tutorials are shown to follow suit. Nice examples here are tips from fashion bloggers and models that are interesting for both women and men. With current content from catwalk and blog trends to trends from the street, Schwarzkopf is establishing itself through its content marketing strategy as a modern, trend-conscious brand.

With its content marketing concept, the brand succeeds in competenceto broadcastwho have favourited AAttract the attention of new potential customers, one To build relationships with them and also in the long term, through constant new content, examples as well as tips and tricks.

Examples on the subject of health: content marketing by Schwenninger Krankenkasse

As the last of our examples, we would like to introduce you to Schwenninger Krankenkasse. This company also operated skilful, target group-oriented content marketing. On the advisor portal www.babyharmonie.de the health insurance company offers a platform for parents-to-be and people who want to have children.

The portal serves as a high-quality source of information on the topics of “baby wish”, “pregnancy” and “birth and baby”. Short, clear articles answer the most important questions of the target group, if necessary, more detailed, free information folders can be requested.

Through the blog - which was cleverly integrated into the content marketing strategy, the platform and ultimately Schwenninger Krankenkasse gains further benefits trust. In addition to interviews, experience reports from pregnant women and numerous articles on various topics relating to babies, a podcast series is also advertised on this. The podcast also deals with various target group-specific topics. Examples are: “birth preparation”, “breastfeeding”, “labor”, “time after birth”, “fathers during childbirth”, “premature birth”, “sport during pregnancy” or “sex during pregnancy”.

The “Interactive” area includes a pregnancy quiz, fertility calendar and videos. In addition to text content, this area offers visitors additional entertainment and one considerable added value of information.

On the website, the health provider itself always stays in the background - the portal serves information only and not advertising. Precisely for this reason, the target group feels that they are in good hands on the platform, but the health insurance company itself gains from it trustworthiness. This content marketing example can be used to show how serious content without advertising ultimately creates a loyal customer base can be built.

Success measurement in content marketing

Would you like to check the success of your current content marketing strategy to find out whether there is still room for improvement? Then find out now whether you have your mated Marketing goals and which key figures are to be used to measure success.

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