Which educational websites should I follow

20 website builders for schools and teachers in 2021

Whether it is a school, university, college, online course or something similar, these best and easiest to use education websites are very useful.

With the right equipment, you can create a professional learning site without breaking a sweat. Even if you are busy teaching and creating new programs, there is still plenty of time to create the website you need to take your project to the next level.

Whichever website builder you choose, creating a masterpiece is a breeze. No, programming and design skills are not required. Regardless of your skills and previous experience, this is a guarantee that the result will be stunning, dazzling, powerful and optimized for modern mobile devices and web browsers.

No reason to worry. the technical aspect of your website either. All of the page editors you can find in the collection below follow the latest trends and regulations.

For the most part, you can just pick a pre-made layout and continue from there. Note that you can adjust and improve the default settings as you wish. All you have to do is drag and drop to rearrange and reuse the pre-defined components to exactly match your needs and branding.

Without further ado, let's create a spectacular education website that reaches Schuler all over the world.

Best Education Website Developers


Wix gives you the freedom you deserve building the perfect website for every type of project you carry out. This is because you are using Wix as an educational website builder and having your courses online or by build. Build a strong web presence for your school or college. Whatever you want to build with Wix, the process will be quick and easy. In addition, the end product will contain all modern technologies and ensure a spectacular experience. Speaking of experience, users are welcome to browse your page from a mobile device or desktop.

In addition to a variety of ready-made templates

Wix also offers three fun and practical approaches to web development. ADI, Editor, and Code are the methods you can choose from, and it all depends on your level of knowledge. Of course, no programming skills are required to work with Wix and create the learning site you want. More information Weebly

Invite potential students by showing them your institution or academic center; in the best possible way. Introducing Weebly For Education, the only education website builder you need. The handy software has everything about learning and development that you can benefit from. You can create class websites, online student portfolios, study programs, and other projects. If you have something different then by all means use the power of Weebly and go against the grain. The user-friendly interface allows you to reach all learners with different backgrounds and different age groups. Weebly creates an environment that protects your students and encourages them to express themselves. The best part is you

Get a free web authoring service and update only when needed. Try it now and choose from over seventy designs to start in style. additional Information


Design your knowledge platform the way you want with Ukit. And that in record time. Not only that, but with the least amount of effort. uKit is an ideal educational website builder for any educator with a strong passion for teaching and uplifting those who want to learn. All of the templates are loved by teachers, tutors, or students who have tried this page editor. With 38 categories and over 350 models, you can find what best suits your needs. The main uKit features include a grid base, advanced typography, unlimited files and pages, a drag and drop interface

and nifty color schemes. uKit is fully responsive and cross browser compatible, so your site works seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices. The best part, that said, your website will automatically be SEO and speed optimized, which will help you rank higher in Google search.

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I love students who achieve academic excellence. Edublogs is also a leader in web design and development. This educational website builder is powered by WordPress which means it is very easy to use but the quality and performance is high. It has student management tools that will help you organize all of the data that you store in your institution. This allows students to create an account and ensure that you can easily and securely manage their posts.

Edublogs also gives you features like activity reports, global projects and other attractive tools for your academy. Take advantage of the Kage cap free from this builder and make the most of it. Yes, Edublogs is free, but it only offers basic blogging features. However, you can always upgrade to a premium offer and use more features to take your educational blog to a new level. additional Information

Ning website builder

Education is important to human development. The first step is to bring your students together using a website tool that guarantees functionality and design. More than just an educational website builder, Ning is a companion you can count on with your institutional needs. Online education starts with a website that offers a combination of social networking and monetization features.

With Ning, you can connect with students and improve the learning process on one platform. Builder has the most suitable topics for your cause as there is an entire collection devoted to education. You can also blog, secure your website with an SSL certification, put your school on the map, run forums and surveys to encourage engagement and engagement, and much more. The possibilities that you have with Ning are so many and the whole process to make a professional website with ease. additional Information


Skookii is an educational website developer that gives you a quick way to get started online. Creating a page for a school or even a non-profit organization has never been easier. With Skookii, it only takes a few minutes and you are all set up and ready to go. Of course, no programming skills are required to get started with Skookii. Just drag and drop items and you can customize and improve the look and feel to your liking. The kit comes with a number of predefined templates that you can edit and mark. You can also add your logo and social media icons and accept payments. When it comes to hosting and domain names, everything is part of Skookii. Take advantage of the extras and create a modern education site that impresses students and parents alike. additional Information

You there

When you want to save time and have a learning website ready that goes online quickly, Duda comes in. This remarkable website builder is full of amazing websites that will do you well. For your information, Duda will never ask you for coding and design skills. That is, even if you are one

If you are a beginner, you will, always by offering a top notch site for your school or other educational goals. Start with a suitable example and you can already see what the result will be. Of course, you can make additional adjustments at this point and optimize the Duda hardware. Some other benefits you get with Duda are convenient browsing, photo editing, gallery, mobile editing, and blogging. Your website design will also be mobile ready and search engine optimized. additional Information


If you've ever shown that you want to build a website yourself, you've probably come across Squarespace. First and foremost, Squarespace is an extremely versatile, responsive, and easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder for any purpose. In our case, we're going to be using Squarespace as an educational website builder to create a great website. Web space for online courses or universities. You can easily improve the experience and incorporate your signature style into the web design on offer. or. In fact, Squarespace has a healthy collection of pre-made templates that you can use to get your project up and running quickly. As the saying goes, when you build with Squarespace, you'll look like an expert right from the start. You don't have to worry about domain names, hosting, mobile compatibility, and cross browser compatibility either. Squarespace has it all and more. Go with the flow and get the most out of Squarespace.

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You are probably looking for the best website builder ever and you have just come to the right place. Jimdo is definitely the cream of the crop, and you'll soon know why. This is an educational website builder with ecommerce platform suitable for any school, institution, e-learning, or personal use. However, with Jimdo, you can go above and beyond and create a website that suits your needs and preferences. All pre-made templates are responsive and easily customizable. No matter how technical or novice you are, anyone can be successful online with Jimdo. You also get full access to the HTML and CSS of your online presence, so you can simplify administration even after the website has been published. With Jimdo you can launch a blog and add personalized content for personalization. Keep an eye on your learning community with analytics and export reports to ensure your further progress.

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Highly rated sites that promote knowledge are attracting more and more learners. Zoho is an educational website builder that embodies premium quality web design. It is ideal for any educational institution as it aims to put their students in the spotlight. It has hundreds of fabulous models and many uses. These decisions enable your cause to further promote your services. It has a customizable and clean code and is equipped with a trendy online shop just in case.

Zoho also includes an HTML and CSS editor if you're more into coding. For the most part, however, you'll like the visual page editor best. This way you can experiment with different variations and get the perfect look without having to touch a single chain of cOde.

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Discover endless possibilities by choosing Webflow for your site. This educational website builder looks modern and stylish, and is perfect for your school, college, university, e-learning, and other projects. It gives you unmatched convenience in building great student-centered websites. Webflow offers a customizable, responsive, flexible and perfect layout for all browsers and devices. It offers hundreds of top notch designs guaranteeing you the style you need. Remember, Webflow encourages you to start with a blank canvas, code visually, and create an eye-catching design.

Additional features include unlimited fonts, parallax and scroll effects, and much more. You can also create blogs for content management. Thanks to editing options, in a simple but innovative form, you can design your website to do something good for the community.

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Build your learning base artistically with uCraft. These days, you don't have to hire anyone to make a website for you - you can do it all yourself! This educational website builder has all the layouts and conveniences needed to take your website to the top. uCraft has the latest technology that lets you drag and drop files instead of encoding them. How great does that sound? Choose from hundreds of designs created by designers you are sure to love.

This humble and minimalist website builder software is very easy to use and perfect for beginners and experts in web design alike. From the first time you interact with uCraft, when you start the result, you'll have a lot of fun throughout the process. Other main functions are logo maker, online shop, blog pages and many other design tools. It's SEO and speed ready too. Expect a friendly support team to help you solve your problems if you need additional assistance.

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Develop each student's knowledge skills with Website Builder. It's a reliable, responsive, and flexible education website builder that will get you on board asap. This builder is very easy to use as it is user-friendly and has practical features. Choose from tons of really cool and engaging topics. This editor allows adjustments to be made to ensure your website looks great, is highly read and will stand the test of time. You can go from a missing website to a full web presence in just three easy steps. Yes, working with Website Builder and all of the material provided is so quick and easy. While you can use the pre-made template as is, you can also modify it to your liking and stand out from the crowd by enhancing it with your creative touch.

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If you're using WordPress as your content management system, Elementor

the drag and drop page builder you'll love to use. It is full of a great collection of goodies and web designs that you will be comfortable with. No matter what type of page you want to build, Elementor is the only education website builder that will make all of your ideas and wishes come true. Don't hold back and get as creative as you want with Elementor for a spectacular final product.

All websites created by Elementor are responsive, pixel-perfect, compatible across browsers and visually appealing. Keep it simple or enrich it with special effects and other attractive animations. With Elementor, you can do anything and more. You can really edit every detail of your website and benefit from over 80 pre-made design elements.

Do you want to create an education website or do you want to create a page for your school? Regardless of your educational project, you can create a neat and sophisticated online presence with Weblium. This educational website builder has no problem bringing your ideas to life and giving you the best access to the web; the quickest possible. With Weblium, your website follows the latest trends and regulations first. In other words, responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and high performance are guaranteed.

You can also use Weblium to create pages for online courses, programs, teachers, contacts, and more. Also, if you want to sell products, you can do it with Weblium too. You can also use Weblium to beautifully display all of your personalized content like video conferencing, podcasts, spreadsheets, and more. Choose the correct layout from the box and go from there.

In this day and age we live in, your school or university needs a website. You can use it for all kinds of purposes and make sure you get the attention of even more students. With My School Design, an educational website builder, you can start creating the right web design for your school today. Yes, you read that right TODAY. Not tomorrow and not after a week; My school design is so easy to use that anyone can have a fully functional page in no time.

Once you step into the world of My School Design, you can choose the layout that best suits your school. From there, you can keep improving it and making it your own with no hassle. By the way, for fourteen consecutive days, you can try all the amazing features of My School Design for free. And if you really want to take your school's website to the next level, a remarkable mobile app can help you grow. The options are there, all you have to do is use My School Design and operate the magicians you see.

Regardless of the type of project you're starting, a website is an absolute must.If you are looking for the best solution to start your school or university website we have many educational website builders for you. Simvoly is another cracking tool that will do you good. You will save a lot of time and money when you have a website that is just as sophisticated and professional as that of a professional web developer.

With Simvoly you can manage your web space from one place. Code-free editing gives you all the power to create an amazing mobile-friendly learning site. Choose from the many, many pre-made web designs and get results instantly. Simvoly offers three different single page website plans, as well as page sizes; medium and large. In short, there is something for everyone.

To continue with the WordPress hype, we bring you another spectacular website builder to use for your educational project: WPBakery. Regardless of which theme you use, WPBakery integrates with all of them. Of course, WPBakery also includes its own collection of templates so you can get started right from the start. Once you have the web design, it's the drag and drop feature that instantly turns you into a coding and designing pro. Of course, you never have to touch a single line of code!

WPBakery is both a front-end editor and a back-end editor to ensure that you can create your exact page with no prior experience. In any area of ​​your website, ad, you will have a breeze to customize and customize it to suit your needs. Enhance it with custom colors, fonts, content, and other special features that will keep your education website one step ahead of the competition.

Being a teacher is more of a dedication. Dealing with hundreds of students each day can be overwhelming. If you are one of those hardworking educators looking to streamline your work, this is an educational website just for you. Educator Pages is named after every teacher in the world. In addition, administrators and IT departments can also benefit greatly from this builder. Start building your website in minutes and see a difference immediately. The Educator Pages contain intuitive and familiar tools, and there is no software to download or install. You can also get features like premium file downloading, a large media gallery, custom domain names, and more. The options are available to you directly. So make the most of them and use this smart website builder to turn things upside down.

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