What's going on in Eritrea


Ethiopia: The conflict in Tigray turns into a wildfire

The Ethiopian central government has been fighting the TPLF militia in the Tigray region since November, the fate of many people is uncertain. The neighboring states of Sudan and Eritrea are intervening more and more in the conflict. Actually, the military operation in Tigray was supposed to ... more

Ethiopia: Eritrea apparently invaded Tigray

The situation in the Ethiopian crisis region is coming to a head: According to the US State Department, there are probably first indications that Eritrean troops are marching into the Tigray region. According to the US government, Eritrea's troops are apparently in the crisis region of Tigray ... more

Jogi Löw's way is over. DFB-Elf is a heap of rubble

Good morning, dear readers, and thank you for all of your letters. Your praise and criticism help us in the editorial team to continuously develop our offer for you. Here is the annotated overview of the day's topics: WHAT WAS? At the back ... more

Conflict in Ethiopia: Attack in neighboring Eritrea

In northern Ethiopia, the Tigray region is in conflict with the central government. The people's liberation front TPLF from Tigray, which is striving for independence, has now attacked a target outside the country for the first time. The conflict between the Ethiopian government ... more

Giffey: Significantly more genital mutilation in Germany

There is also a major problem with genital mutilation in Germany. Tens of thousands of women are affected. Family Minister Giffey promises help. According to the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Franziska Giffey, there are currently almost 68,000 women living in Germany ... more

East Africa: The locust plague threatens an entire region

A plague of locusts has been raging in East Africa for months. Huge swarms are destroying crops and the food supply for the population is at risk. But in view of the corona pandemic, the region threatens to be left alone. In July 2019 the first ... more

Ethiopia: Army chief killed in attempted coup

An army chief has been killed in Ethiopia. The regional president was attacked during an attempted coup. His bodyguard is apparently the culprit. In a coup attempt against a regional representation in Ethiopia, the government said ...

Gsicht mutilated - twelve years imprisonment

A man from Eritrea mutilated the face of a refugee from Somalia in 2016. After the Federal Court of Justice declared the first judgment invalid, a new judgment has now been passed. In a facial mutilation trial ... more

Eritrea and Ethiopia make peace

Years of rivalry could now come to an end - Ethiopia and Eritrea meet with UN representatives in Saudi Arabia to sign a joint peace agreement. After decades of hostility, Ethiopia and Eritrea sign on Sunday ... more

Will Peace Keep in the Horn of Africa?

After years of war, Ethiopia and Eritrea made peace, which opens up opportunities for both countries - but there are also great dangers lurking. Abiy Ahmed has made sure of a quiet revolution in the Horn of Africa. After 20 years of open hostility to Eritrea ... more