How can I restore a blocked YouTube account

YouTube channel blocked - reasons for blocking and how to get it back

If you have invested a lot of work and time in setting up your own YouTube channel, then of course it is a shock when it is blocked.

Since I have just heard another recent example of this, I would like to report today about the reasons that can lead to your own YouTube channel being blocked and how you can get your own channel back.

In addition, I will explain why it is not a good idea to just rely on one pillar on the Internet.

Blocked on YouTube


If you are a YouTuber with heart and soul, then it is a disaster when your YouTube channel is blocked.

A case like this just happened again on a channel that I have subscribed to. It's about the channel from the game manager who reports on new board games (click here for the case study on my board game blog).

He had probably received strikes (warnings) from YouTube in the past, but these were withdrawn after consultation. According to the operator, out of the blue the YouTube channel was blocked a few days ago.

If you are currently visiting this channel, you will only find a blank page with a note for previous subscribers.

Of course, even if he doesn't live off his channel, that's a bad thing. He put a lot of time into his channel to report about his hobby.

Reasons for the channel being blocked

To make it clear beforehand, in many cases the blocking of a YouTube channel is justified. As an honest YouTuber you don't get it, but a lot of crap is done on YouTube to make money. Similar to e.g. Google AdSense, in the Google search results or also in partner programs, there are unfortunately many people who actively and massively cheat in order to gain a financial advantage. And that has not become less in recent years, but more.

With millions of YouTube channels, it is not always possible for a human to perform a manual check, instead a lot is relied on automation. Unfortunately this has its limits and so it happens that some YouTube channels are unjustifiably blocked.

But you have to be careful there too. Just because someone is unaware that they have violated a policy doesn't mean they haven't done it anyway. Who reads the entire YouTube community guidelines?

It should be clear to everyone that racist content, sex, hate, other illegal statements and so on will be blocked.

But there are also much more “fuzzy” reasons, such as spam or copyright infringement. These violations are mostly unconscious.

However, a report by a third party can also be the reason for a blocking, which is of course not nice, especially if there are unjustified allegations by competitors.

Possible solutions

Before you immediately write to YouTube in Affekt, you should first take a deep breath and calm down. The first step should always be an analysis. Then you can try to unblock your own channel again.

Analysis of the channel blockage

But this is not that easy, as there is only very general information from Google / YouTube regarding the blocking. It usually indicates a serious and repeated violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines.

So you should definitely work through the guidelines and find out if you might have unknowingly violated any of them. Here you can find more details about the individual guidelines.

Another good measure is to post a post on the official YouTube forum. In it you describe your own case and explain which videos you are making. So you can get feedback from others, who usually have more experience with it.

If you still have access to your own backend, you should look under “Channel” in the Creator Studio to see what's there.

Everything is okay in this screenshot, but if you have already received warnings, they will be displayed here.

Unblock the YouTube channel

It's not that easy to get in touch with Google. As already described above, a lot is automated, which is understandable due to the size and the number of inquiries.

But there is a form with which you can contact Google directly if you no longer have access to an account.

In it you should describe in a friendly, factual and detailed manner what the problem is and why you think the blocking is unjustified. And then you have to hope that the channel will be reactivated.

Before doing this, however, you should make sure that you have really not committed any violations. If, on the other hand, you come across possible violations in your own videos or in the channel, you should also write here how you intend to eliminate them, e.g. by deleting the videos in question or not doing certain things in the future.

It is definitely well received here if you don't just write 3 words or even become irrelevant. It is better to explain in detail and nicely why the block should be lifted.

Alternative new channel?

If the lock is not lifted, one or the other may want to start a new channel immediately. However, this is not allowed according to the YouTube Terms of Use. So you do this at your own risk and it can be very frustrating when the new channel is blocked again later.

Another alternative would be e.g. Vimeo. Of course, the video platform does not have the same reach as YouTube, but it offers many other advantages and if you have other channels with a high reach (e.g. blog, social media ...), you can push your Vimeo channel over it.

This is how you can prevent the YouTube channel from being blocked

But to be honest, there is no such thing as a full replacement for YouTube. Its range is simply too great.

Therefore, as a YouTuber, you should be careful right from the start and pay close attention to the YouTube community guidelines. The renunciation of hatred, sex, violence, threats, etc. should be clear.

On the subject copyright there tends to be a problem more often. This often happens unconsciously, e.g. by using photo material in your own videos, which you are not allowed to do. Another very frequent reason for strikes or even bans is music in your own videos. YouTube is very far behind here.

With lets players, for example, there have been problems in the past when they streamed a game without the permission of the manufacturer.

But also Spam is often a reason for warnings and bans. Of course, everything is analyzed automatically and so, for example, meta-tag spam (too many unsuitable tags in videos) or misleading thumbnails (preview images) can lead to warnings.

In the example mentioned, it is assumed, among other things, that the problem is with many short videos that were uploaded in a short time and also set for future publication. In this case, of course, this is easy to explain, as there were many short exhibition videos. But since the check is initially completely automatic, the YouTube check program may have noticed this negatively.

But you shouldn't act until the YouTube channel is blocked. If you have already received strikes, then the alarm bells should go off at the latest. That was possibly a bit of a problem with this example. He only contacted YouTube during the previous warnings and that ensured that the strikes were withdrawn. But it did show that something is at least marginal in his channel. It might have helped if he had analyzed exactly what the problem could be after the first strike. The YouTube forum would certainly have helped with this, too.

Don't just bet on YouTube

The example shows once again very clearly that you shouldn't just rely on one pillar, but that you have to build several pillars in order to reduce the risk. I've given this tip many times here on the blog and it also applies to YouTubers.

You shouldn't just run a blog, not just a product, or even just a YouTube channel, because then you become very dependent on it. Instead, you should build a combination of different projects.

For example, I have multiple blogs, websites, and niche websites. I also have YouTube channels and various social media profiles.

Of course, one platform will usually dominate and it will hurt if it is blocked or, for example, thrown out of the index on Google. But then not everything is gone and the remaining projects can at least make up for that a little.

It is therefore advisable to always work on the smaller projects and to strengthen them. Don't just focus on the main project.

Have you ever had problems on YouTube with strikes or even a ban? What was it and how did you deal with it?

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