Could you write a Harry Potter fanfic



And stupidly the conclusion is obvious (with Shades, I don't know the other series, or I don't know what it is based on) that it has to be about the best the FF scene has to offer, otherwise if it hadn't been picked up by a publisher. I don't think it's like that, but the thought somehow comes to mind.

Sad but understandable. I can definitely confirm that Shades as FF from Twilight (I haven't read the other series either) doesn't necessarily reflect what's going on in FF and it certainly isn't the best As I said, I can understand the idea, but that's like saying that only the best books get published immediately and find a publisher. Harry Potter, like many other books, proves the opposite.


Isn't it then a bit like stealing other authors' ideas?

There are very different views on the subject. Personally, I see it differently. Nobody in the FF scene boasts of inventing the story, the worlds, the characters. For me, FFs are something that comes from the love of the readers. Readers who are not yet ready to finish with the books and the worlds, who invest an insane amount of time, effort, devotion and love to keep alive what an author has brought into the world. Telling the stories they would have liked to have had in the books, sharing their own thoughts and hopes with other readers, or just like @thoronris said, bringing together the characters who in their eyes belong together. As I said, you can see it how you want. Of course, the elements of an author are used. But don't you write for it? For his fans? For his readers? For yourself, of course, but also to inspire others and share the story with others. It is a way of turning a book into more than a few hours of reading pleasure. The readers create their own world around a story. I like that. And if I had written a book, that would be one of the biggest compliments for me. And there are also quite a few ... really bad, or just crazy FFs. Of course you have to go through that too

But I don't want to do any persuasion here either. FFs must and are certainly not something for everyone. But for all fans who can't get enough of their favorites, their favorite worlds or other / new ideas about their favorite books, FFs definitely open up a new world

However, that also applies to book FFs. Although FFs probably don't make a difference to films and series